Looking back at Jour. 333

jour 333Over the course of the past five weeks I have learned a few new things and reaffirmed some aspects of journalism and technology that I already was aware of. Both have helped me clear up some doubts that all the major social media platforms have their spot in the journalism world and I will use them going forward.

As I already knew and used on a daily basis, Twitter can be a journalists’ best friend. From being able to interact with readers, get story links out to your followers and their follow base is huge as far as drawing traffic to one’s site.

Also, being able to see what news is breaking and using that to form stories of your own is another useful way to utilize Twitter. Anything that aides a writer in a story idea is always a good thing and with the plethora of stories linked each day on Twitter there should always be something that can inspire a story of your own.

I didn’t use Facebook much prior to this class, besides brief updates for the boxing website I work for, I started to link more of my work on Facebook and got some good interaction from my friends and that is something I didn’t have before, response to my work from those who know me.

Podcasting and the YouTube projects were great ideas as it got many of us who may not have made either of the two before to learn something that has been growing in popularity and will only get bigger in the future.

Adding a podcast with quotes is a perfect way to use any content collected while interviewing a subject and makes the clip more useful than just transcribing it, throwing it in a story or two and forgetting about shortly thereafter.

The boxing site I write for has a very successful YouTube page that has garnered almost 60 million views from various videos of interviews and training camps surrounding big fights. Now that I have some experience in producing some YouTube content of my own I can look to contribute to the site in more ways than writing going forward.


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